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Lovere Bilbao is family-owned business founded in 1992 with a wide experience in the Steel market . We began our activity with a commercial office (in the early 90’s), but due to the demand of the market and the increasing needs of our customers, we decided to move to a bigger location in Derio. Actually and following our focus on expansion we decided to move again to Zamudio, where we count with 2600m2 of warehouse and 300m2 of offices.

We are highly specialised in special and high temperature steels, linked to the fabrication of valves, pumps and fluid equipment (heat exchangers, boilers etc).

Within our range of products we do also have available forging and laminated materials certified by recognized international bodies. We deliver our products according to International Standards (ASTM, ASME, UNS, NACEL).

All products are supplied with our test certification and/or mill certification. If Type 3.2 certificates is required, we can organise independent third-party inspection.

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